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Bannock County is a great place to live and raise a family. Its future is bright and the county is in a good position to take advantage of opportunity.

I believe we can do better.

Bannock County is set for major growth in the upcoming years. I believe we should be proactive in getting ready for that growth. We need to look for ways to keep property taxes in check while providing necessary services. We need creativity and a spirit of cooperation.

I believe I can help with that.

Meet Jeff Hough

Meet Jeff Hough

As lifelong resident, Jeff appreciates the quality of life we enjoy in Bannock County. He also is excited about the opportunities the future holds.

Jeff grew up in McCammon and graduated from Marsh Valley High School. After graduating, he attended Idaho State University, earning a BA in Finance.

Jeff believes in conservative principles and is commited to finding ways to keep property tax costs in check. He supports small business and believes Bannock County has a lot to offer companies looking for new opportunties.

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Idaho Property Tax Presentation

Idaho Property Tax Presentation

During the 2021 Idaho Association of Clerks and Commissioners conference, we were given the following presentation on property taxes in the State of Idaho. The presentation was given by Alan Dornfest, the Property Tax Policy Bureau Chief. The presentation outlines...

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Bannock County Youth Development Center

Bannock County Youth Development Center

We had a great department update this week with Matt Olsen, Juvenile Probation Director. He shared with us some fantastic statistics about the successes they are having with the youth in our community. One of the bright spots of the department is the Bannock County...

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3 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Definitely a better option than that Josh Ellis. Can’t stand that guy.

Congratulations Commissioner Hough!




Proud of your hard work and determination!!!!

You’ve got a lot of your dad in you!!! When we played his team it just about took perfection to get a win. I learned a lot about life from him!!

I told you. 😉


Awesome job Jeff!

Congratulations. You deserve it.

Congratulations! People have no idea how much you guys do and how much crap you take! You handle things with integrity!

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The attached quote sums up how I feel about serving as your Commissioner. I try to be that ordinary person who brings out the extraordinary possibilities in our community.
Today is your chance to VOTE, and do something extraordinary.

The attached quote sums up how I feel about serving as your Commissioner. I try to be that ordinary person who brings out the extraordinary possibilities in our community.

Today is your chance to VOTE, and do something extraordinary.
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5 days ago

Another round of solid information on the assessment process. No fear mongering, just useful information from a knowledgeable candidate that is a fantastic member of the team.

Another round of solid information on the assessment process. No fear mongering, just useful information from a knowledgeable candidate that is a fantastic member of the team.Part 2 of my 2-post series regarding assessments and appeals!

Once assessment notices are mailed out, we review our procedures one final time for how we plan to meet with the public. Each year we try to refine the process and make it easier for anyone that has questions about their assessment or property. We discuss it as an office and implement any changes and improvements at this time.

We maintain a call log that everyone in the office has access to. When someone calls or we have “walk-ins” the information gets logged. This allows appraisers to contact people in the order that they reached out to us. This also helps us ensure we have the right person contact you.

Once the notices get mailed, the property owner has until the 4th Monday in June to appeal their value. This year that deadline is June 27th. You will have the opportunity to speak with an appraiser before you decide on filing an appeal. If you choose to file an appeal, the forms will be available online at or inside the East entrance to the courthouse on 6th Avenue.

Appeal forms need to be filled out and turned in to the Commissioners office along with a copy of your assessment notice. Anyone appealing their value is listed as the “appellant”. Once filed, the Commission staff sends us a copy of the appeal form so we can follow up with the appellant if they have not spoken with us. We always want the opportunity to visit with the public before they file or before their actual scheduled appointment with the Board of Equalization (BOE). We want to make sure our information is accurate and there aren't any errors. If we find an error during this process we can make changes.

Any changes or corrections that started before the BOE deadline can still be submitted by our office after the 4th Monday in June. However, those submitted changes must first be approved by the BOE.

We want to listen to the taxpayer and help them understand their appraisal. Since we do not go door-to-door and go inside every home, we rely on property owners to help us ensure that their information is accurate. Sometimes this can even be done over the phone. When we meet with you, we will go through the features on your home and property. Such as finished basement vs unfinished basement, outbuildings etc. We will look at your values and explain how we arrived at the value. We will also review all information with you that we have available.

It is critical that you look at your notices and make sure you have the homeowner’s exemption, and that your mailing address and names are correct. If you have any concerns of any kind about your notice please contact us. On your notice there will be a phone number you can call as well as our main number. The number on the notice is a TEMPORARY number that allows us to have additional phone lines available during this process. We have found that it helps to have extra lines available so that we do not miss your call. An email address is also listed on the notice that you can use to contact us. No matter the method that you use, we appreciate your patience while we work to contact every property owner that reaches out.

If you go before the Board of Equalization you will be asked to bring evidence to support your appeal. The Commissioners have outlined their procedures and expectations in the PROPERTY HUB section on the county website. Our office will also be held to the rules set forth by the commissioners which are the same as the appellant.

Our doors are open from 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday. We welcome you and we want the public to know we are here to listen and to help where we can.

Once again, please get out and vote Tomorrow, Tuesday May 17th. Polls open at 8 a.m. you can find your polling place at

Thank you for all your support!!!!!!
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5 days ago

Comment on Facebook

When I went in to appeal. It didn’t matter that we are going retired or now my taxes takes 1 months SSA check to pay. It didn’t matter I don’t want to sell my home and price gouge for profit. All they said was that’s the way it is!! Time to clean the assessors house and bring new!! My vote if for Cates.

Fear mongering? It’s clear that your property taxes haven’t gone up nearly enough for you to possibly understand what the rest of us are going through and neither have the other two commissioners or the chief deputy assessor. Weird. In your world, everything is great and the commissioners are doing a fantastic job and the Chief deputy Assessor has done a fantastic job🙄. What planet do you live on??? Why don’t you try stepping down off your high horse and see how the rest of your constituents are doing???People on fixed incomes are about to lose their homes, rent is insanely out of control (due to the landlords passing down the high cost of property taxes) for those who don’t qualify to buy or can’t afford to buy and you and your band of merry cohorts can’t even acknowledge it! Do you have any idea how many people we’ve talked to that are paying their parents property taxes so they don’t lose what they’ve worked for their entire life??? If you did, you wouldn’t continuously be patting yourself on the back. The commissioners are just as much to blame if not more so than the assessor for this disaster. For hell’s sake Jeff, wake up and look around. Property taxes are the # 1 issue and you have just totally dismissed it. This is exactly what people are sick and tired of. None of you want to take ANY responsibility or be held accountable. Dale Diller is absolutely right! It’s time to clean the assessors house and bring in new blood as well as the commissioners. I hope people get out and vote for Greg Cates for Assessor and John Crowder for Commissioner and dismantle this good ole boys club in Bannock County.

Jeff Hough, I have such respect for the fact that you take the time to respond to social media comments. I have NEVER seen another public figure do that. Agree or not, that’s good of you.

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Property Taxes

I will work to keep property taxes in check and fight against unfunded state mandates.


I will create system of communication with the public to provide  greater transparency.


I will work to maintain good relationships within the county departments.

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