So what is your stance on the crazy tax increases in the last few years?

In regards to the tax increases, I’m assuming you are referring to the Property Tax Assessments. While we certainly have benefited from a wonderful economic climate, I think there could have been a better way to make the market adjustment rather than doing it all at once.

How do you feel about the length of time to get building permits?

Our new Head of Planning and Zoning has been doing a great job speeding up the process. I can remember when it could take upwards of a couple of months to get a building permit. I believe we are down to a couple of weeks now. We have been having discussions about ways to improve the process even more, so hopefully, we can still find some improvements in the process.

How do you plan on assisting the fire departments in the county?

The County Fire Departments are an issue I am getting ready to dive into. I have had a couple of questions about ambulances and services, so I am looking into all of our emergency services. Until I learn more about what’s going on, I don’t have a good answer.

Do you want a bigger county government and regulations?

My goal for the upcoming year is to try and find 25% efficiencies within all of the departments we oversee. I think the government as a whole (regardless of the organization) is bloated, so I am about reducing the size of government. I also come from a family where my father ran a small business for 50 years, so I am all about less regulation and protecting the individual’s rights.