Today’s Idaho State Journal article about the hospitals being on a razor’s edge was very interesting. It speaks to the issues the hospitals are facing and their COVID concerns. Some of the information in the article I found misleading based on the weekly information we receive from the hospitals.

Additionally, the Commissioners office has recieved a lot of response in regards to Commissioner Tovey’s comments in last weeks paper. Interestingly, the comments have been split pretty evenly regarding those that support versus those that oppose the comments.

Below are the numbers we received last week from the hospitals. I wanted to share it so people could have access to the same information we have:

These are challenging times and the information and targets seem to continually be moving. It will be interesting to look back and try to figure out what the right decisions were.

Personally, I feel that as citizens we have subjugated many of our rights to the government during this pandemic. Additionally, we have given power to organizations that have no real public accountability. Yes, we need to be cautious with the virus and we need to be sensitive to trying to protect people. However, we shouldn’t remove personal responsibility from the equation by expecting the government to do everything for us.

The role of the government should always be to protect the rights of it’s citizens, not try and do everything for them.