Property Taxes

During the 2021 Idaho Association of Clerks and Commissioners conference, we were given the following presentation on property taxes in the State of Idaho. The presentation was given by Alan Dornfest, the Property Tax Policy Bureau Chief.

The presentation outlines some important information about property values and property taxes. It also highlights other factors contributing to property taxes like school districts and other taxing districts (auditorium, cemetery and fire, etc..). It also compares Idaho property taxes to neighboring states in addition to a couple of other metrics.

The current legislation that was passed HB-389 did little to lessen the impact of rising house prices on property taxes. The more we review this legislation, it becomes more apparent how flawed it is. I would highly encourage everyone to contact their legislator and ask them to work to repeal this bill or work more closely with the cities and counties to fix it.

You can view the presentation here:   Property-Taxation-and-Appraisal